2019 Recap + 2020 Goals

In this blogpost I'm going to take a quick look at some of the things I have achieved in 2019 and what my goals are for 2020.

2019 recap

Let's start with some investing metrics.

  • In 2019 I received a total of $2,559.96 in dividend income. That's an average of $213.33 per month.
  • In 2019 I realized a total profit of $2,515.88 from selling options. That's an average of $209.65 per month. And I only started doing option trading during the last 6 months of 2019. Pretty solid if you ask me.
  • This makes for a total of $5,075.84 of passive investment income in 2019. That's an average of $422.98 per month.
  • In 2019 I added $17,404.70 of new money to my portfolio.
  • The value of the account on 1 January 2019 was €54,907.64. The value on 31 December was €92,095.50. Minus the newly added money, that means I am up €19,783.16. That's a 28.79% return for the year.

And now some numbers about this blog.

I wanted to write them down, but this is easier:

stashingdutchman.com 2019 metrics

Now, let's take a look at my goals for 2020..


My investing goals for 2020 are:

  • I'm going to try to get my portfolio value to €150,000. This is going to be a tricky one, because I would either need to get very good returns, or add a lot of new money. But I want to try nonetheless
  • Get an average of $300 per month in dividend income
  • Get an average profit of $600 per month from selling options
  • This should combine to an average amount of passive investment income of $900 per month. That's $10,800 for the entire year
  • Add a minimum of €25,000 of new money to the account

And these are my goals for the blog:

  • In 2020 I want to put more time into this blog. Make it more professional and interesting. Not very measurable, but I wanted to put it in here anyway
  • Quadruple my page views. That would mean roughly 20,000 page views in 2020
  • Write 10 high quality blogposts
  • Get 500 email subscribers
  • Launch my option screening tool that helps finding which options to sell. (If you are interested in this, send me a mail on hello@stashingdutchman.com)

That's it.

What are your goals for 2020? Feel free to leave them in the comments!

Thanks for reading.


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