July and August 2018 Dividend Income Summary

Hey guys! Sorry for being silent for some time. I'm just a little busy (and perhaps a little lazy).

So I'm going to do both July and August in one blogpost again. Let's start with a short recap of July and then go to August.

July 2018 dividend income summary

In July I received a total of $95.57 in dividend income.

The following stocks paid me a dividend:

Coca-Cola Company (KO): $13.26
Altria (MO): $11.90
Philip Morris (PM): $17.02
Realty Income (O): $4.67
Medtronic (MDT): $9.20
Cisco (CSCO): $25.24
Walt Disney (DIS): $14.28

Last year July I received $28.17. That means that this years July dividend income is a massive 239.26% increase from last year July. Sweet!

August 2018 dividend income summary

In August I received a total of $141.55 in dividend income.

The following stocks paid me a dividend:

British American Tobacco (BATS): $63.48
CVS Health (CVS): $12.75
AT&T (T): $25.07
American Express (AXP): $4.46
Realty Income (O): $4.67
Williams-Sonoma (WSM): $18.27
Starbucks (SBUX): $12.85

Some of the stocks mentioned above paid me dividend in pounds. For reporting purposes, I calculated these back to dollars using the closing exchange rate of 31 August 2018: 1.301 (£1 = $1.301).

Last year August I received $64.25. That means that this years August dividend income is a 120.31% increase from last year August. Nice!

Updated graph

Here's the updated dividend income graph:


All dividends are after dividend taxes of 15% or 20% (MDT), but I can reclaim this via the dutch IRS, so there's an added bonus there when I do my taxes for 2018 (in March 2019).

Purchases / sales

In August I made 1 purchase. On 23 July I bought 42 shares of Starbucks (SBUX) for $51.39 per share, including commisions. This is a new position for my portfolio.

Starbucks is one of those companies that I just really like. They have a very simple yet profitable business model, a strong brand, loyal customers, global reach with over 28,000 stores, and a really nice product! I really wouldn't mind having some shares in that!

However, until now, the valuation always seemed a bit high. At $57+ the P/E was just a little bit too high for me. And the yield a little bit too low (although the dividend growth is fantastic!).

But.. In June, the stock price took a big hit because of concerns of slower growth and the closing of 150 underperforming stores. This created an opportunity that I (and some other dividend growth investors) took advantage of.

There were no sales in either July or August.

How was your month? Got some nice juicy dividends as well? Make sure to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading.


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