Stock Watchlist

Whenever I want to make a new purchase there are so many stocks to choose from. Some stocks are undervalued, some overvalued, some somewhere in the middle. So, for my own reference, I will keep track of the stocks that, in my opinion, seem undervalued and might be good additions for my portfolio. This makes it easier for me to find the best stock to invest in whenever I got some capital on the sidelines. Without further ado, let's get right into it.

AT&T (T) is currently trading near the bottom of it's 52-week range, after it's share price dropped from around $40 to $35.70 now. The yield now sits at about 5.4%. This might be a great time to add to my position.
Added on 15 October 2017 when it had a share price of $35.70

CVS Health (CVS) has been trading around $80 since I first initiated my position about a year ago. However, the stock price dropped quite a bit in the last week and now sits at $72.60. This brings their yield up to 2.75%, which is much higher than CVS's average yield of the last decade. Seems like a very nice opportunity to add to my position.
Added on 15 october 2017 when it had a share price of 72.60