June 2019 Dividend Income Summary

It's the last day of June and time to take a look at the dividend income this month produced.

In this blogpost I will list my dividend income for the month of June 2019.

In June I received a total of $261.14 in dividend income.

The following stocks paid me a dividend:

Unilever (UN): $19.83
Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A): $28.11
Suncor Energy (SU): $9.50
Ford (F): $20.40
Intel (INTC): $16.87
United Parcel Services (UPS): $16.32
Boeing (BA): $17.47
Pfizer (PFE): $15.30
IBM (IBM): $13.77
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ): $12.11
3M (MMM): $12.24
Microsoft (MSFT): $11.73
Realty Income (O): $4.80
NextEra Energy (NEE): $10.62
Polaris Industries (PII): $8.81
Qualcomm (QCOM): $15.81
Lockheed Martin (LMT): $11.22
Pepsico (PEP): $16.23

Some of the stocks mentioned above paid me dividends in euros. For reporting purposes, I calculated these back to dollars using the closing exchange rate of 28 June 2019: 1.1375 (€1 = $1.1375).

Last year June I received $199.53. That means that this year I received 30.87% more dividends than last year June. Nice!

Updated graph

Here's the updated dividend income graph:

Stashing Dutchman Dividend income graph (June 2019)

All dividends are after dividend taxes of 15%, but I can reclaim this via the Dutch IRS, so there's an added bonus there when I do my taxes for 2019 (in March 2020).

Purchases / sales

There were no purchases or sales in June.

I'm going to buy a new game pc in a few weeks (when Ryzen 3000 gets released) and I'm also going on vacation for 2 weeks. I expect to still have some money left after that, but that's going to be invested in July together with July's salary. So next month's blogpost will probably feature a purchase or two.

Also, I'm starting to feel more comfortable with options. I have spent the last few weeks studying them and trying to understand them. I'm hoping to use this strategy to generate some extra income for my portfolio in the form of option premiums. I will write another post on this shortly, but wanted to mention it already.

How was your month? Hopefully you received some nice dividends as well. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below!

Thanks for reading.


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