Recent Buy: Cisco (CSCO)

Alright! First stock purchase since I launched this blog.

Dividend growth investing is such a wonderfull thing. Getting paid money for doing absolutely nothing. Can't get any easier than that, now can it?

However, it can be a little tricky to find attractively priced companies. Especially in todays bull market, where stocks only seem to go up.

But luckily there is a company that looks really attractively priced: Cisco Systems (CSCO).

I already had a small position of 45 shares with an entry point of $34.00 totalling $1,530.

The stock price has gone down a little since then.

That's why I added to my position today (14 August 2017). I bought another 45 shares for $31.76 for a total of $1,429.04.

With this purchase I know own 90 shares of Cisco :).

Cisco is now also the largest holding of my portfolio with a total market value of $2,860.20.

What do you think? Do you also like Cisco? Be sure to leave a comment!

Stashing Dutchman

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